Border Bark

Border Bark

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Our Border bark is 100% natural and is developed to protect the soil from direct sunlight, hence reducing the drying out effect on the surface.

This is the best bit though, our Border bark will hold back the germination of weeds if used with a membrane and hence generate a stunningly low maintenance flower bed for you to sit back and enjoy. (Type membrane into the search box above)

The correct term is Mulching,
We apply bark chippings on the surface (Mulch the beds) for 4 main reasons:-

1.Heat control, Root protection from direct sunlight in summer when temperatures can vary from 4deg to 30deg in just 24Hours. Protection from extreme prolonged winter weather and ground frost.

2.Moisture loss, Locking in ground moisture reducing water vapour loss through evaporation (Please see our Bio organic compost to aid this process)

3.Weed Suppression, Denying sunlight to seeds, will stop them from germinating so no more weeding. (It works best if you put a ground membrane under the bark) 

4.Decoration,The beds are great with their new ornamental look, feel. So sit back relax and enjoy your weed free garden.




SUPPLIED in a Builders tote bag (4 loops, 900x900x900mm) and Crane off loaded, Min contents 700

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