Compost Organic Root Base Bag

Compost Organic Root Base Bag

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To improve the poorest of soils we recommend our 100% Peat Free Organic Bio Root Base Compost
Choose from :- Premium 
Screened Compost or None Screened Compost 
Comprising of 100% naturally composted Greenery; essential plant nutrients and no added chemicals or fertilizers this is natural and slow releasing; feeding your plants nice and slowly; locking in ground moisture around the roots and improving root establishment. (Please see our border bark, to help reduce surface moisture loss)
The growth rate, health and visual appearance of landscape plants is directly related to soil quality; by using compost we give our plants the best possible start to life and because our compost is 100% peat free we are preserving the environment;  not depleting the peat bogs.
In summary n
ature has a way of biologically actively feeding our plants without chemicals utilizing literally millions of micro-organisms within the compost; blend mix 50/50 with topsoil to achieve a high yield crop for a full year of enhanced growth and beyond.
Alternatively order our pre blend mix topsoil/compost "Organic Premium Blend" to use straight out of the bag

Better still we can deliver this natural product to you in a bulk bag ready to use with-in a few days !

 SUPPLIED in a Builders tote bag (4 loops, 900x900x900mm) and Crane off loaded, Min contents 720 Liters 

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