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Everything You Need to Know [23rd August 2021 Update]

Our Payment gateway is now using SCA - (Strong Customer Authentication) to help reduce fraud this is called 3D Secure 2.0
3D Secure 2.0 is a NEW authentication protocol that aims to reduce fraud and enhance security in online card payments.


3DS2 requires 2 factor authentication, and will ask users for 2 out of 3 pieces of information to complete their transaction:

  • something the user is, for example their fingerprint
  • something the user has, for example their phone
  • something the user knows, for example a password or a short code sent by SMS by their bank or maybe via a banking APP on a smart phone

If you find your transaction is being declined on our payment gateway, please contact your bank to set up SCA - 3DS2
once done it will work for all future on line payments.

 Our aim here is to provide internet users with free, independent, user-friendly advice that will allow them to use the internet confidently, safely and securely.


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