Volume Calculations

Volume Calculation

One Builders Bag @ 0.75 cubic meters (0.75m3) Approximately will cover

Topsoil will cover Approx           7.5 square meters @ 100mm deep
                                                           15m2 @ 50mm deep

Decorative Gravel will cover Approx       30m2 @ 25mm deep 
Also Bark Chippings                           15m2 @ 50mm deep

Slate will cover Approx                          60m2 @ 12mm deep
                                                           30m2 @ 25mm deep
                                                           15m2 @ 50mm deep

 Road stone will cover Approx                 7.5m2 @ 50mm deep      
 (Twice the density)                            3.75m2 @ 100mm deep

Top Dressing per single application
  will cover Approx                                   714m2
  (see product user guide)
                                                             (6 Applications on 119m2 of lawn)

     Volume Calculator

To work out the volume you require simply multiply   Width x Length x Depth

  5m wide x 3m long x 0.05m(50mm) deep = 0.75m3 = one bag Approx
   3m wide x 5m long x 0.1m(100mm) deep = 1.5m3 = two bags Approx


To work out the volume of a circle/pond you use

Half the Diameter to give us the radius then
  Radius x Radius x 3.14 x depth
= Volume

  Diameter is 3m and we need 225mm depth
   so divide Diameter 3m by 2 = 1.5m Radius

Then simply multiply 1.5 x 1.5 radius x 3.14 x 0.225(225mm) deep = 1.59m3
 = two bags Approx

Volume Calculator

Conversion Factors

1m3= 1.3 cubic yards

To convert cubic yards to cubic meters multiply by 0.7646
You have 13 cubic yards so multiply 13 x 0.7646= 10 cubic meters (10m3)

1m3= 35.3 cubic feet
To convert cubic feet to cubic meters multiply by 0.02832
You have 353 cubic feet so multiply 353 x 0.02832= 10 cubic meters (10m3)

cu/FEET tocu/YARDS
1 cubic yard= 27 cubic feet
To convert cubic feet to cubic yards divide by 27
You have 270 cubic feet so divide 270'/.27= 10 cu/yards (yd3)

1 square yard= 9 square feet
 To convert square feet to square yards divide by 9
 You have 90 square feet so divide 90'/.9= 10 sq/yards (yd2)

m2 to yd2
1 square meter=1.19599 square yards
 To convert square meters to square yards multiply by1.19599

   m2 to yd2 Conversion  Calculator                                                                       

Volume Conversion Calculator      Area Conversion Calculator

Straight Line Conversion Only  (This is NOT a Volume or Area conversion)
Do not try to use Inches to work out Volume the numbers are too big !

1 Inch= 25.4mm
To convert Inches to millimeters multiply by 25.4
You have 3 Inches so multiply  3 x 25.4= 76.2mm (0.0762m)


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